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Philippine Passport Renewal: 9 Easy Steps

Philippine Passport Renewal: 9 Easy Steps
A passport is considered as one of the major forms of identification in any country. Every individual must have a passport. And to the most avid travelers, having theirs for the first time is like seeing light at the end of the tunnel for it signals a major step in their wandering history. That is traveling out of the country!

Here in the Philippines, our government has already done the necessary steps in making passport application easy and hassle-free. I had the chance to prove this again when I renewed my passport for the first time.

Below are the latest steps in passport renewal as released by the DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs)*. For first time applicants, please refer to the DFA website.

1. Log on to DFA’s official website (here).
2. Hover your mouse over Consular Services> Passport Information> Passport Appointment.

3. Another window will open upon clicking on Passport Appointment. Click on the Schedule Appointment located at the top header.
4. After reading the reminders and pointers, you can proceed in lodging your application by selecting the appropriate button for you (individual appointment or group appointment). If you are applying with your family members, select group appointment.

In my case, I was solo so I chose the former. 

5. You will be asked to select the site (DFA center) where you want to file your application. Since I was living in the south, I chose DFA NCR South located in Alabang Town Center. Remember to apply early if you are expected to fly because slots could quickly fill up. 


6. Choose the time and date you prefer. Available means you can book this date. Be sure to arrive within the window provided to you. I was given the time frame of 11 AM to 12 PM. I arrived ten minutes before noon. If your chosen time slot appeared as suddenly not available, you will receive the following message.

7. Once you have successfully chosen a schedule, proceed ahead. The next steps will ask you for all your personal details like family history and contact information. Remember to check all information you enter. Your old passport number is needed too.

The form can still be edited before submission. Double check all your entries for the last time before clicking on submit. 

8. Once done, click on submit and you will receive a link to confirm the appointment. 

9. Once confirmed, print out your application form. Do not sign yet. You will do this at the date of application.

1. Completed renewal application form (unsigned)
2. Old passport
3. Photocopy of passport bio page
4. Personal appearance

Currently, passport renewal fee is at Php 950 for regular processing (20 days) and P 1200 for rush processing (10 working days). You may personally claim your passort or opt to have it delivered. Delivery fee is worth Php 150 only.*  

1. Be on time. Arrive within the hour window provided to you. 
2. Prepare all needed documents. Aside from the application form and old passport, bring a pen and other documents you feel is necessary (i.e. IDs, birth certificate etc.). It doesn’t hurt to be sure. Don’t forget your money for payment of course.
3. Dress well. Remember that your photo (and you will agonizingly look at if for five loooong years) will be taken so make sure to be at your best. Wear a collared shirt or vest. Get a decent haircut. Women must have modest or no make-up at all. Don’t be nervous! (lol) Just smile a bit so you won’t appear bored on your passport picture. 
4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you are an introvert like me and are afraid of big crowds, it doesn’t hurt to ask around if you feel a little lost. In my experience, the staff have all been very helpful, from the guards to the DFA personnel. (Kudos to DFA!)
5. Smile and say thank you. Showing a little gratitude could make someone else’s day. 🙂

If you will have your passport delivered, prepare an authorization letter and the original courier receipt. My passport came promptly as scheduled and I couldn’t be any happier as this means I can now begin planning my next adventures abroad!

Hope this helps. 

*May change from posting date. Please check DFA’s official website for more details.

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