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Post Office Building Heritage Tour

Post Office Building Heritage Tour

It was sweltering hot. We arrived promptly before the assigned meeting time set by my friend Ivan (11:30-12 NN) and hung out at Plaza Lawton. While we were waiting for them, we noticed several lounging around under the lazy trees. Some with cameras clicking away at the historical surroundings, some came with a buddy, some just wishing the organizer would arrive soon and start the tour right away.

The attendees waiting for the tour to start

With the shy but smart Ivan Briñas Cultura

At around 1 PM the Mr. Rence Chan, the person conducting the tour, arrived, gathered the crowd and started a primer. Shortly after Ivan and the gang came, we started the tour. His voice was loud and clear, perfect for group tours.


It was actually my first time to enter this magnificent building. Back in college, the jeepney I ride will just pass by this huge structure. I would always gaze at its tall, Greek columns and imagine myself slowly climbing up its front steps, craning my neck until it will disappear from view. Sadly, it will be converted to a 6-star hotel (the first in the country) sometime this year. I am glad to have taken this tour. But also sad at the thought that our future generations will miss the great opportunity. 

The sun peeking out behind the canopy



This tour was free of charge. The organizers even served snacks for the attendees. I learned quite specially on those very rare stamp collections (I have one myself, I will post it sometime). There are many facts one can learn that are not being taught in school so this is a really recommended activity for everyone. Overflowing with historical data that I will not be able to enumerate them down here. The photos says them all. Timeless.

6 thoughts on “Post Office Building Heritage Tour”

    • Hi DG oo super init nga nyan nagtiyaga lang ako eh. AND thanks for the compliment about the photos. 🙂

  • The heat of the sun was extreme . And ang tagal ng Philpost tour mas interesado kasi ako malaman yung architectural part ng post office building . I counted the minutes spent dun lang sa stamps alone 5 minutes kada row. We tried umakyat sa 2nd floor pinagalitan kami ng guards. Mawawala na nga yung philpost pinagdamot pa kainis. Anyway sayang hindi tayo nagkita . See you on friday .

    • Hi Chino, thanks for visiting my site. Oo nga I noticed nay 2 floors na hindi tayo nakapunta. I was actually interested din doon sa details ng architecture at engineering etc. At dahil sa sobrang init doon lang ako nakapakinig ng maayos sa stamp collection. Siguro nagkita tayo pero di pa lang naten namukhaan ang isat-isa. Don't worry, may next trip pa naman. See you on Friday too.

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