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Quick Visit to Baker’s Hill, Mitra Ranch and McCoy’s

Quick Visit to Baker’s Hill, Mitra Ranch and McCoy’s

 Baker’s Hill

Home to one of the most delicious Hopia I have tasted

It was a good thing that there were just the two of us. Traveling in a small group is favorable for those who have limited time. Compromise is within reach and it will not be so hard to make a decision on the spot if unlikely events occur. Of course, spending can be much heavier on the pocket but this depends on the type of travel being done like DIY island-hopping tours.

Mitra Ranch was just several meters away from Baker’s Hill. We wasted no time and explored the area a bit for about half an hour.

Marx was still super energetic while I was already feeling the toll of several days of traveling. Add to the fact that we had only several hours of sleep that night. Earlier that day he keeps on seeing pizza and spaghetti whenever we went so we decided to feast on these Italian delicacies. However, we wanted to try something local. Before embarking for the airport that night, we treated ourselves to a sumptuous meal at McCoy’s. We almost missed this place if not for the local passenger who kindly reminded us that our Jeepney already passed by it.

Right after our adventures at the Underground River and at the Ugong Rock Formation, we kindly asked one of tour guides to drop us of at any place where we can reach Baker’s Hill easily.  We bid adieu to our new friends and at three hours before our departure timed at 8:30 that evening, we were still able to drop by at Baker’s Hill, Mitra Ranch and had our tummy-filling dinner at a local pizzeria called McCoy’s.

Nonetheless, we really had a fabulous stay in Puerto Princesa and in El Nido and we were already thinking of coming back in the near future. Oh boy, if Palawan is just one bus ride away, I am seeing myself coming back here more often. For now, I hope she will be excited to welcome me again upon my return.

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    • Yes! Too bad I did not have much money with me on our last day I was only able to buy 3 packs of hopia! bitin! 🙂

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