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Royal Parc Hotel Tagaytay

Royal Parc Hotel Tagaytay

Royal Parc Hotel had been the perfect venue to celebrate my parents’ 43rd wedding anniversary last December 2021. We stayed for a total of three days and two nights just in time when Tagaytay’s weather was very cold. 

We were quite lucky to have booked our getaway for less. The goal was just to have a change of scenery after being just at home for so long. The hotel caught our eyes because of its proximity, accessibility and affordability.

I liked the overall layout of the hotel. The swimming pool is located in the middle while the rooms surround the open area. I think all rooms have a view of the pool! The rooms are spacious. The beds are big and very comfortable to sleep in. We have a mini balcony (as all rooms I think) where we just relax or enjoy a nice cup of coffee.

There were greeneries to add beauty to the property. The hotel also has an onsite partner restaurant (Dekada Restaurant) but I find the menu quite limited. I also noticed a post at the hotel lobby that outside food were not allowed. I think for those with nutritional requirements, or budget constraints, this can be challenging. The food at the restaurant was pricey but was delicious as expected. Breakfast was also included in our room rate. They used to hold buffets for breakfast but due to the pandemic, they veered away with this and offered plated breakfast instead. They will give you a list to choose which you need to fill out at the reception daily if you will be staying for multiple nights.

We stayed here at the start of December and so of course swimming should have been out of the question because the water was so cold! However, I did swim a couple of times so that I can proudly say that I did swim in Tagaytay weather. 😛 But I don’t think I will repeat it if given the chance.

The only thing that I take as a downside was the slow internet connection. It was okay if you are outside. But the connection inside the rooms were poor and not ideal for those WFH. I have to go out the balcony if I wanted a decent connectivity, which was a hassle if I just wanted to lay down inside.

Nevertheless, our two nights stay were mostly wonderful and relaxed. We had our celebration at the restaurant on our second night. If given the chance, I think I will give this hotel a visit once again in the future.

Royal Parc Hotel Tagaytay
Facebook: Royal Parc Hotel Tagaytay
Website: https://royaleparchotels.com/
Phone: (046) 402 1980

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