Move Forward and Never Be Still

Si Christina and Me

When visiting San Pablo City, Laguna, strolling by Sampaloc lake is one of those activities which seems to stop time. Jogging early, just when the sun kisses the morning mist is also a good way to start the day. I would sometimes just do this using flip flops. But then, I came to know that a good pair of shoes, like those basketball shoes from Zalora, would be beneficial to an aspiring runners’ itchy feet just (ahem) like me. 
After spending time frolicking around the biggest lake in San Pablo, you may consider having your merienda at this cozy restaurant just a few steps away from San Pablo City Cathedral. A city-tour can be tiring and Si Christina offers a variety of food choices which are reasonably priced. An early evening coffee break is much more cozier and relaxing.

When I dined here, I heard the gentleman from the adjacent table saying ‘Dito kumain sa Aga Mulach dun sa show niya na The Pinoy Explorer’. Well, this little pastry shop had her share of fame and that is not doubtful once you have visited the place. Si Christina is also included in Viaje del Sol’s must-visit places here in Laguna.

Business is slow late at night
Vintage and pretty accents everywhere
Reminds me of the Starbuck’s board menu
Simply elegant

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