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Solitaire.org: More Than Just Card Games :)

Solitaire.org: More Than Just Card Games :)

I grew up watching my great-grandmother play Solitaire with her worn out playing cards back in the 80s. Since we spent a lot of time with her, me and my cousins ended up learning to play different card games too. She actually taught me different games to play like Decade (Ten-Twenty-Thirty), Pusoy Dos (Filipino Poker) and Solitaire. My childhood summers were memorable because of times spent with her.  

As 90s went around, the development of the personal computer and internet has gotten our attention away from the traditional playing times. But I was glad I see Solitaire move to the wide screen. At least I get to still play it – memories of playing with my Lola (grandmother) not fading in time.

As I grew up, the gaming industry became so real like that I found myself looking to play the games of the olden times. As I say, classic never gets old. It’s a good thing that there are sites like solitaire.org which is a rich repository of traditional games like Solitaire. 

Classic Solitaire never gets old

One can actually find a lot of games in this website. It actually focuses on different Solitaire games, but it also offers other collections of games including majhong games, hidden object games, card games, connect 3 games and other fun online games like pacman and tennis.

I tried some of the games and the one I enjoyed the most were the Hidden Games which remind of me being a princess. The match games which remind me of the famous candy crush. And the Word Game which really tested my vocabulary. πŸ™‚

I liked the hidden game so much that I tried it several times but I got frustrated because I can not proceed to the higher levels! This game tested my patience haha! I need to practice more.

Letter Scramble will test your vocabulary knowledge under time pressure!

The games in this site are not just simply uploaded. There are instructions for each game which is actually helpful for those who are not familiar with a specific game. The site also does not have annoying pop-out ads which is very important for serious gamers like me (wow). I mean, I wouldn’t want to lose my concentration in the middle of a high intensity game right? πŸ˜€

Instructions for a Match Game

The other games that I’ve played were Cookie Monster which is similar to Pacman. I suggest playing this in desktop for better keypad controls. I have tried the Hidden Game once again and I was able to finish several levels after practice!

Solitaire.org is easily accessible and can be played during leisure time (or even if you’re working haha!). I am hoping that a mobile application will soon be available too. Now that we are more cooped up at home, we have more time for play in the relative safety of our homes. Technology has definitely has its good sides.

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