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#SteerTrue: Adventure Awaits with Hull & Stern

#SteerTrue:  Adventure Awaits with Hull & Stern

Most of my travels almost always include a trip to different waterscapes. May it be the sea, lakes or waterfalls or just a simple hotel pool. I love swimming and the simple thought of a travel with no constant communing with the water world makes me sad.

As I love being near the waters, sometimes it’s hard to keep my valuables safe and dry. My earliest ventures to the beaches of the Philippines would lead me to shopping for beach bags which claimed to be ‘water proof’, but were actually not.

So I was glad to have finally been able to try out a reliable travel gear like Hull & Stern Dry Bag. I have brought it with me in my various travels the past months. Having all the qualities I was looking for in a dry bag, my travels turned out to be more fun and totally hassle-free.Dakak Beach Resort – Dapitan

Beach-bumming ain’t no problem for a mermaid like me. My @hull.stern dry bag keeps my stuff in check. 😊👙💦 You can shop online at www.hullstern.com. #drybag #hullnstern #ponderingpaodaolei #themermaidwanders

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I have several gadgets with when me when I go exploring. I have a DLSR camera and a mobile phone. I also bring things like tripod, water bottle and other beach necessities. It isn’t easy but I love what I do and I don’t mind bringing all these with me.

Panglao, Bohol

But what I don’t like is bringing along several bags. I’m an all-things-must-fit-in-one bag kind of girl. So when I put all my belongings in a 10L Hull & Stern Dry Bag, I was concerned at first that the handle might get torn or the bag itself might rip apart from the excess weight. But this dry bag proved to be beyond sturdy. It was heavy-duty.

Reasonable Price
A 10L Dry Bag costs as low as Php 700 while a 5L one can be as cheap as Php 630. With such big capacity and quality, this dry bag won’t break your wallet. You can choose among different colors and designs and you can also request a customized one at a reasonable price. It can also be a perfect gift for your summer-loving friends.



I find my dry bag greatly complimenting my travel wear as Hull & Stern’s dry bag comes in different colors and designs. It can transform into a shoulder bag, a sling bag or a hand bag.

Tried and Tested
My Hull & Stern Dry Bag lived up to my expectations

Easy Shopping!

The mermaid is excited to wander! Finally got this today and looking forward to try it. Beach here I come! @hull.stern 😄🌊🌊🌊😍 #hullnstern #drybag #steertrue #ponderingpaodaolei #themermaidwanders

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It’s practical now to secure one since summer is already here! Getting your very own first Hull & Stern Bag is really convenient. Just go to www.hullstern.com, create an account and place your order. They will ship your orders free of charge for items amounting to more than Php 900.

Enjoy your travels! Remember keep on moving forward and never be still.

Hull & Stern

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