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Subli Guest Cabins: A Homey Getaway in Puerto Princesa City

Subli Guest Cabins:  A Homey Getaway in Puerto Princesa City

It is rare to find a green respite in the midst of a busy and popular city like Puerto Princesa. That was why when I chanced upon Subli Guest Cabins on the web, it only took one glance and knew in my heart that I would be experiencing Palawan for the second time at this tranquil place.

The Hotel 

The inn has stand alone guest cabins which are just right in size. Not too big nor too small and are perfect for wandering couples and independent travelers. Those who seek solitude and time away from the metro will definitely feel they wished they could have booked and stayed here for a few more days.

by JourneyingPinay

Breakfast is served complimentary and the hotel also offers free airport transfer. Conveniently located just within 10 minutes from Puerto Princesa International Airport, staying at Subli is definitely recommended as the cabins are nestled in the privacy of a residential area, with lots of greens and shades which seem to transport you in the far countryside.


Full Cabin

The rooms are a welcome change to the usual hotel accommodation. The cabins are made from natural materials like bamboo but equipped with the gift of modern living like WiFi, air-conditioning and private toilet and bath.


Hotel Grounds
One of the first things I look for a place to stay is its surroundings. I am more keen to stay somewhere near the greens like mountains and beaches. Subli Guest Cabins have more than enough greens for me. Refreshing and definitely rejuvenating to the senses.  

They also have in-house restaurant, a spacious garden area. A few native hammocks are decoratively set up under the cool shades of tall trees.

Me relaxing!

Readers will be delighted as there is a reading hut with interesting books to choose from. Occasionally, they turn this into a make-shift room when tired travelers come knocking at their doors and have nowhere else to go. Talk about real hospitality!

The Reading Hut have lots of interesting books 

Not only is the hotel charming, but its unique name can also make you curious. 

Subli is a
Cuyonon name for inherited. And true enough, the area where the guest cabins are built is owned by the Socrates family. We met Tita Nancy Socrates before we left for Manila. She was the picture of smiles and warmth and even gave us native woven bags as presents to bring back home.

The hotel praisingly supports a group of Cuyunon women from Brgy. Cuyo in the town of Roxas, Palawan. Quoting Tita Nancy:  “This is a community outreach project of our cooperative (Recuerdo Credit Cooperative) – we brought in trainers last year from the DTI and we are now helping them with the marketing, although we are still trying to have them improve on the quality and craftsmanship. They have formed themselves into an organization but there is no official name yet. As of now, we just refer to them as the New Cuyo Weavers. For those who will be interested in their products, you may have them contact our cooperative manager, Mrs. Marilou Sabinet (0999-709-1838) or myself (0917-849-7838), as I am the chairperson at present.” 

Yours truly with Tita Nancy

The native bags are made from local materials and supports the livelihood of these families. What a good cause to support isn’t it? You may contact Tita Nancy to know more about this advocacy. Not only we can enjoy the beauty Palawan has but also help in the livelihood of our fellow Palaweños. 
We hope you will consider choosing to stay in Subli Guest Cabins in your next Palawan trip!

To book discounted rates for this hotel, reserve through this link.

Subli Guest Cabins
55 Socrates Rd., Brgy. San Pedro
Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

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