Move Forward and Never Be Still

Sweetheart, I’m Sorry

Sweetheart, I’m Sorry


Your eyes quietly asked me to stay. I did want to. But something told me not to.

I saw the sadness in your eyes when I walked away. But why you still chose to stay where you are? And why did I choose to not stay?

I am sorry my darling.

For choosing not to stay with you. When I know you already wanted to. You were ready to go. With me. To explore the world together and let go of our feelings. And yet I failed you.

But I am still with you darling. I have never left. Even if we are wandering in different parts of the world. Know that I have always been here. With you.

And I am here to stay.

Please don’t be sad anymore. You are not alone.

Because when you come home soon, I will still be here, my Love.

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