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Tamed By You

Tamed By You

One glance at the photo of Tinago Falls in Caibiran, Biliran Province I knew at the back of my mind that  I had to see her up close and personal. That is why I have not wasted time in constantly reminding a very good friend of mine, Ephraim of The Adventist Adventurer, that this would be number one on my bucket list once we set foot on this serene island province north of Leyte.

Tinago Falls

Truly, seeing her roaring like that quieted the loud inner me. Her position is kind of hidden from view and one must go down to the lake pool below to have a glimpse of her best angle. Seeing her brings up a five-second image of a beautiful woman in my mind, posing sideways for a portrait shot, with a matching colorful flower tucked in her right ear.
The hidden beauty of Tinago Falls
After minutes of capturing her in our cameras we quickly changed to our swim wear and felt her not-so-cold waters down our backs. I am sure if she was a human, I would have damaged her eye sight from the countless photos I have taken! 

Luckily, Ephraim’s friend, Regin, owns a motorcycle and gladly toured us here without the hassle of haggling. We just made sure we treat him for merienda and gave a little tip and paid for gas as courtesy for bothering him that day. Thanks again Regin! It was nice meeting you!

Truly, Tinago Falls is like the King of the Jungle. She can be tame, she can be wild, she can be daunting at times but her overall gloriousness definitely is a welcome respite to a tired wanderer. She can leave you breathless, she can make your eyes blink not twice, not thrice, but a thousand times.  

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