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The Almost Unreal Beauty of Palawan

The Almost Unreal Beauty of Palawan

It was more than two years since my last domestic trip and more than 2 1/2 years since I last rode an airplane. So when travel restrictions were eased in my country, I did not hesitate to get out of the house and pack my bags asap. Lol! 

Now the big question was where to go? Somewhere near nature for sure. After staring at concrete walls for two years I yearn for fresh air brushing against my skin. So it would be the beach for sure. Me thinks then if I wanted to go somewhere unfamiliar. But I did not want the hassle of travel planning. I wanted to go somewhere familiar but beautiful. Never minding the budget (I sorta regret it now haha kidding), I immediately thought of Boracay. So I went ahead and checked the now soaring prices. You see, I have travel funds from Cebu Pacific that was expiring soon so better make use of it noh? But. But. But! Airfares to Boracay were back to pre-pandemic levels. I can’t afford to shell out cash when I still have accommodation and food allowance to think of. So then I checked Palawan and alas! The prices were in budget. The place is gorgeous and lots of fresh air. Most importantly, less tourists. So Palawan it is.

Before heading to El Nido, I spent a day in the capital Puerto Princesa City. I was only able to visit several spots since some of the destinations included in the city tour were still closed.


Crocodile Farm

After spending a night in Puerto Princesa, I hopped on a public van and prepared for the five to six hour ride to El Nido. I used to remember catching my breathe upon seeing Palawan’s countryside during my first visit in the island back in 2013. Typhoon Odette’s wrath can still be seen in the surroundings. But good thing that tourism has been picking up, giving more reasons for Palawenos to remain hopeful.

Bakers Hill

Puerto Princesa City Baywalk Park

Plaza Cuartel


Maremegmeg Beach

El Nido Tour A

El Nido Tour C

El Nido, Palawan made a mark on me when I first visited there nine years ago. It is even more beautiful now than the last time I saw it! Breathtaking is not nearly enough to describe this wonder of nature. <3

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