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The Backstreet Boys Are Back!

The Backstreet Boys Are Back!

Forgive me Dear Readers for I will deviate a little bit from my usual write-ups. The BSB or Backstreet Boys have come back for a one-night concert last May 5 and I tell you, they were Larger than Life! : D

Before I discovered my love of traveling, I am also a great lover of music. I was and still am. I am a very passionate person and if I like someone, I stay loyal for as long as I can. And my love for the Backstreet Boys, the best-selling boy band of all time, is a testament to that.

The Boys looking dapper and handsome in their blue formal suits!  

Last May 5 I was given another golden opportunity to see the Boys live. Even though I was on a very tight budget, my heart knew that I had to attend their concert since I will be seeing them complete for the first time.
I was supposed to be with a former office mate. Our excitement was sky-high when the date was fast approaching. But for some reason, we tried to buy our tickets just two weeks from the concert date and there were not many seats for us to purchase. She did not want to go if we are not sitting together. I feel bad for her though it was not really her fault. I guess she really liked the idea of hugging and screaming in someone else’s ear when the Boys come out! Lol. She won’t be able to do that to a total stranger I know! Hahaha!

Notice Brian’s post-operative scar? Nick looking buff here while Brian entertains the crowd

I went to the concert solo. There I found new friends who are also in love with the Boys. Most of them were sitting in the General Admission area but that did not stop us from getting acquainted with each other before the gates of the venue opened. From then on, we chat daily. Of course, nothing else about but the Backstreet Boys!


The Backstreet Boys comprise of Kevin Richardson, Howie D., AJ McLean, Brian Litrell and Nick Carter. Each of the boys have their own unique talent and fan base. Inarguably, the most popular among them is the youngest, blue-eyed Nick. But the one who caught my heart is the sweet-staring Howie D. Oh, that wink! 😉

I still remember over 20 years ago, I was still in my childhood, so full of innocence and exuberance, when I first heard their cool voices and fell in love with their music. So many other boy bands have followed suit but these boys have a certain charm that only true blue BSB fans know.

The Boys will be going back to the studio later this year to record another album. Hear ye! Hear ye! That means another tour is in the offing. That is just so cool.

My parents ask why I like this group. Why? Though I may not know them personally (yet), their bond is so close they treat each other like family. Two of them are actually blood relatives, the tall and gorgeous Kevin and his cute cousin Brian.

As one of their popular songs say, ‘as long as there is music we will be coming back again’, the Boys continue to capture my heart and support for reasons unknown. 😀 
Next time, you will be seeing much closer photos of them in concert. And hopefully, I will be able to talk (hug, kiss, embrace, laugh,lol)  and interact with them by then.

L-R:  Kevin Richardson, Howie Dorough,  Nick Carter, Brian Litrell, AJ McLean

The Backstreet Boys are back! Alright!

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