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The Coolest Way to Travel in the Philippines is WithLocals

The Coolest Way to Travel in the Philippines is WithLocals

I have been to a handful of provinces in my country which just used to be alien to me as the planet Mars in my younger years. However, I have found myself connecting with people in my generation during the last few years who share the same passion that I love which is traveling. I remember my recent trip to the UNESCO World Heritage City of Vigan where I was hosted by my friend Edmar. I also recall my trip to Eastern Visayas where another pal in the name of Ephraim accompanied me in all the best spots! And of course I would not forget visiting the beautiful churches and old houses of Iloilo with my sole-sister Regine. I did not only gain new memories, but more importantly, I have found everlasting friendships.

Reminisce the past as you walk along the historic Calle Crisologo

I realized that what better way to discover unfamiliar places is if you are to be hosted by a local who surely knows all the best places to visit, the good places to dine in and who can suggest activities you can definitely enjoy.

Know where to buy the sweetest Queen Pineapples of Ormoc City

That is why upon hearing that WithLocals is coming to the Philippines, I can’t help but get really excited.  So you may be wondering, like me initially, what is WithLocals?

WithLocals offers and encourages a one-of-a-kind travel experience. Withlocals is a peer to peer market place where local people offer experiences and their skills to travelers. Their mission is to connect people and cultures through food and unique experiences.

How It Works
Participating in WithLocals falls under three instances: (1) Eats (2) Tours and (3) Activities.

Become a Host

All you need to do is sign-up and register as a host. Submit your host details, set your price and your dates. Afterwhich, a WithLocals Ambassador will contact you to arrange a visit. The Ambassador will be taking photos which will be utilized in the WithLocals website. He or she will also explain to you more about this exciting experience.Once all these are done, you are ready to welcome travelers in the Philippines!

Connect WithLocals
Website:  www.withlocals.com
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/withlocals   
Twitter:  @WithLocals
Instagram:  @WithLocals

WithLocals has already reached our neighboring countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Nepal, Sri Lanka. It will soon be brewing in the Philippines. Watch out for it!

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