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The Final Resting Place of the Song Dynasty’s Last Emperor

The Final Resting Place of the Song Dynasty’s Last Emperor

Not far from Chiwan’s Tian Hou Temple, is said to be final resting place of Song Shao Di Mu, the Song Dynasty’s last emperor. It’s about a ten to fifteen minute walk from the former and is as simple as solemn it can be.

The young emperor was said to have died in the Pearl River Delta and whose body washed up on the shores of Shenzhen. Upon entry at the gates of this small monument, you will see a curious looking statue of a man seemingly carrying a child. The older man is that time’s Prime Minister Lu Xiufu, who apparently leapt into the sea in an attempt to save the young emperor’s life after facing defeat in the Battle of Yammen. The Battle of Yammen was noted to be the last stand of the Song Dynasty against the invading Mongol Yuan Dynasty.

The tomb was not neglected but it was in its best state either. However, it has a regal bearing which you can only relate to places of worship. I noticed that there were who constantly visit this tomb as there were fresh flowers and newly lit incense and candles. It also helped that the tomb is far from the busy city. Its location gave the place a peaceful ambience. It’s suited for prayer and meditation even if it was situated outside and beside the road. There are lesser vehicles in this part of Shenzhen by the way that I actually thought I was in a province.

I spent a few minutes here wondering about the young emperor and his loyal companion and observed the few who offered their prayers.

I paid my respects then decided to call it a day. It was threatening to rain and my feet were already hurting from too much walking. I ditched my plan to visit the Left Fort and headed back to my hotel.

How to Get Here

From Chiwan Tian Hou temple, walk straight ahead the length of Chiwan 6th Rd and turn left at Chiwan 7th Rd. Turn left again at Shaodi Rd. The monument gate is found on the left side of the road.

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