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The Heritage Towns I Have Visited

The Heritage Towns I Have Visited

In lieu to the National Heritage Month we celebrated last May, I have made this list which will make all old house-lovers like me jump for joy. For some unknown reason, old houses have that nostalgic, old world charm which contemporary houses don’t seem to have. It isn’t so obvious that I truly admire places with remarkably preserved ancestral homes. Look back with me as I walk through time by visiting these amazing heritage towns.


Ilocos Sur
Please vote for Vigan to be included in the New 7 Wonder Cities of the World


Vigan tops my list as the ancestral homes of Vigan are gargantuan, supreme, magnificent and everything else in between. I still remember the first moment when I stepped foot on the famous Calle Crisologo – wide-eyed and all.


Pila, Laguna

Who would’ve thought that there’s a sleepy heritage town right next to my doorstep? La Noble Villa de Pila is one of my most favorite heritage towns.  


Taal City, Batanggas

The houses are dwarfed by the town’s enormous cathedral but that did not hinder me in appreciating the quaint way the houses line up the narrow, climbing street.



Silay City, Negros Occidental

The first heritage town
I visited. Silay’s old homes remind me of vast plantations as each home is nestled in its own wide, open space.


Sariaya, Quezon

Not as intact as I hope it would be but Sariaya in Quezon still boasts of several beautiful old homes.


Biñan City, Laguna

The local government should do something about this.  For me, this street near the town market is sort of a little Calle Crisologo. It actually appears very nostalgic for me. All it needs is some semblance of order.


Sta. Rosa City, Laguna

Yes, folks. Our very own Sta. Rosa is included in my list since we also have a handful of well-preserved homes we can be extremely proud of.  

I hope that the local government units will see the relevance and importance of preserving the old houses in their localities. For me, old homes are a country’s very soul. They are memories of a by-gone era which helped shaped our future.

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  • Your blog remind me my visit to the Vigan that I did about five years back before boston washington bus tours. There we also went to the famous beach of Vigan named Mindoro Beach. Thousands of people visit this beach to view a stunning sunset. The black sand may add magnetism for tourists during their picnic parties.

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