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The Jaw-Dropping Calasiao Church

The Jaw-Dropping Calasiao Church

The moment I learned we were to attend a friend’s wedding in Lingayen, Pangasinan, I knew I couldn’t pass visiting this church just two rides away from the capitol. I insisted, constantly reminded, basically reprimanded my companions to include this in our bucket list. I am glad I did because we had the best time here.

Calasiao Church, also known as Saints Peter and Paul Parish Church (I know a handful of parish churches with the same name), stands tall in the second oldest municipality of Pangasinan. A National Cultural Treasure under R.A. 4896, it was built in 1588.

The church survived many natural disasters such as earthquakes. Conscious efforts to preserve and maintain the church is clearly seen in its present state.

A sprawling convent is still standing adjacent to this Barroque-designed Church. It was open during our visit and I had a grand time going down memory lane. I embraced its massive walls and was dwarfed by its enormous fortresses. Really, this church was seemingly constructed to survive attacks and rebellions.

I commend the local parish for doing a fabulous job in keeping the church in its original state. I fervently pray and hope and dream that they would
not resort to painting as a means of preserving it. There can be other ways. 

How To Get Here
Ride a Lingayen-bound Victory Liner bus. Asked to be dropped off at Calasiao. Fare from Cubao to Lingayen is at Php 374 (so fare to Calasiao will be cheaper). Travel time is approximately five hours.

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