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The Old Houses of Pasig

The Old Houses of Pasig

I have come to treat Pasig City as my second home as a relative resides here. My concept of Pasig City was built upon the song Anak ng Pasig (child of Pasig) as popularized by the Philippine 90’s vocal group Smokey Mountain. For a long time, the picture of a dirty and smelly river was ingrained in my young mind.

Though the back streets are very narrow, they hold beautiful secrets which I discovered during one mid-morning biking session with Journeying Pinay.
I actually find biking in downtown Pasig as more familiar than in my own backyard.  I guess I got used to the partially unpaved roads and crowded streets. 

But what really surprised me most is its hidden rows of treasures. Most of them are still very well-maintained and still being lived in.
As we pass by along these grand houses, I can’t stop being nostalgic as I imagine its huge windows and verandas wide open, complete with a beautiful lady peeking to the streets down below. 

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