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The Sexy San Juanico Bridge

The Sexy San Juanico Bridge

If I were a man and ‘it’ was a woman, I will definitely fall in love with her. She exudes freshness, youth and sexiness which are only inherent in my wild imagination.  


San Juanico Bridge used to be the longest bridge in the Philippines. The one beating her to this title is the Candaba Viaduct in Pampanga. However, the former is a lot more famous, much hotter, more provocative and more historically popular than the latter.

Surely her shapely waist deserves a 10 point grade in a scale of 1-10.

She is inviting. With fresh air as your only companion, walking her 2.16 km trail will become much more enjoyable. Connecting the islands of Samar and Leyte and watered by San Juanico Strait in between, the islets are added attractions to this monstrous man-made structure.

That S-shaped down the road is what really got me cramming
to get the best shots!
Stopping your vehicle along
the road was allowed by the police officers we encountered at the mouth
of the bridge where a check-point was designated. Just make sure you
won’t stop too long!

I will definitely feel her long arms and legs once more with my itchy feet, not minding the super-duper hot afternoon sun rays down my back. Standing in the middle of her belly is a bit scary specially when large trucks come roaring by. You can feel her knees shaking a little bit, enough for you to remember not to go astray or to stand too long doing nothing.  


You gotta keep on moving.


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