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The Streets of Ulaanbataar

The Streets of Ulaanbataar

I was thinking of what to write in my blog the past weeks. With lack of actual travel for over a year now, I ended up browsing through my past travel photos and try to recall the feeling of excitement every time I embark onto a new place.

 Here are some shots I took on our first day at the city. There are over 1.5 million residents in Mongolia’s capital but the wide, uncrowded streets seem to debunk this statistics.

My friend Paolo and I spent our free times roaming the streets: i.e. checking out the various malls and groceries, people watching, taking photos of our surroundings, eating street foods (sorry no photos haha). It was easy to navigate the city as we stayed in the city center. We also went to the rail station and tried to buy our ticket going back to China (though we ended up taking the plane because of lack of time).

We were also lucky to witness a local bike run, bazaar at the square, a program of some sort and a short modeling show at a nearby mall. 🙂

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