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To My Dearest Love

To My Dearest Love

To My Dearest Love, 

How are you? I may be called crazy by my friends for writing to someone who hasn’t revealed himself yet. It’s been more than three years since I have last written you. I know, I know. I haven’t been a good future partner. I should’ve told you when I was having the time of my life in Batanes. Or how I got excited when I was able to score a super low fare to my trip to Seoul last November. Please forgive me if I wasn’t able to say hi even. But know that after all these times, you are with me.

You may not be with me when I stay wake up late at night. But you are my first thought first thing in the morning.

You may not be with me when I checked-in my oversized bags at the airport last week. But you are with me along the beach in a tropical island soon. Perhaps holding my hand and telling me to go in the water with you. I pretend to be scared at first but I am just planning to push you all along. 😛

You may not be with me when I backpacked alone across the different provinces of our lovely country. But you will be with me when the time comes I will yearn for more. You will be the one to check on me if I haven’t forgotten that we have an early flight. If I will be late, you will not get mad at me but just shake your head with a loving smile.

You may not be with me when I’ve grown to become the independent and strong woman that I am today. But you can be with me when we create our own world and watch each other’s hair turn to gray.

You may not be with me when I blushed at the sight of my first love. But you can be that man who can be my forever and last love.

You may not be with me to catch me when I fell. Multiple times. Several times. And always head first while it lasts. But you can be with me to guide my gentle heart. We will traverse this complicated life we called love. Together. Hand in hand.

You may not be with me when I cursed someone who said something wrong behind my back. But you can be with me someday soon to defend me when I you know I am right.

My heart is full. My hands are open. I believe that when you love someone you should give your all. Because the fact that you were capable of loving another means that your love is already overflowing. And you are ready to give it to another person.

I will be seeing you.

I love you. Till then. <3



The Little Mermaid

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