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Top Ulaanbaatar Sights to Visit

Top Ulaanbaatar Sights to Visit

The top tourist spots in Mongolia’s capital are within walking distance from each other. We chose to stay in UB Guesthouse which had a very accessible location. It was just three minutes away from Sukhbaatar Square.

  1. Sukhbaatar Square
  2. Mongolia Natural Museum
  3. Choijin Lama Temple Museum
  4. The Central Museum of Mongolian Dinosaurs
  5. Ulaanbatar Train Station
  6. Ulaanbatar Post Office
  7. Mongolian Modern Art Gallery
  8. Mongolian Grand Theater of National Art

Sukhbaatar Square

Sukhbaatar Square is the Central Square of Mongolia’s Capital. It reminded me Manila’s own Luneta Park. It was named after Mongolia’s revolutionary hero Damdin Sükhbaatar. It was renamed to Chinggis Square for several years but reverted back to its original name. Chinggis Khan and other notable Mongolian figures have statues erected within the square.

Mongolia Natural Museum

Entrance to the State Museum costs MNT 10000 or almost USD 4. Even though I find it lacking in some areas, considering Mongolia’s rich history, the museum is a must for those unfamiliar with Mongolian past. It was housed in an older structure just like the rest of the capital’s other main landmarks.

Choijin Lama Temple Museum

Choijin Lama Temple Museum is one of my favorite destinations in the city. Nestled in between modern buildings on a quiet back street, the temple museum still evokes a blast from the past aura. It will cost you MNT 8000 or around USD 3. For architectural lovers or those interested in Buddhism, this place is a must visit. Buddhist artifacts are found inside the main temple. During Mongolia’s Communist era, Buddhism’s popularity waned. The museum and its artifacts show the re-emergence of Buddhism in Mongolia.

The Central Museum of Mongolian Dinosaurs

The museum was closed when we visited on a Friday. The attendant said that it was only open on Saturdays and Sundays. Too bad for me because I read that this museum actually displays authentic dinosaur relics. 🙁 Sad. My dream of seeing real dino relics dashed.

Ulaanbaatar Train Station

Ulaanbaatar’s Train Station, which caters to both international (Trans-Siberian) and domestic routes, is about a three minute walk from the square. My friend and I decided to check the train station and inquired on price tickets. As we watch one train load passengers, I can’t help but feel a little nostalgic, remembering my other long haul train rides in India and Southeast Asia. I thought the the Rail should be given more power in the modern world. You know, we will all have go back to the basic.

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Mongolian Modern Art Gallery

This one I saw by accident when we dropped by a supermarket on the other side of the city. We did not enter the gallery but by its name, the museum houses modern and contemporary paintings, crafts, sculpture and prints. I no longer took a photo.

Ulaanbatar Post Office

The Post Office is not hard to miss. It’s located along Peace Avenue. It’s also a one-stop shop for visitors. There are numerous ATMs at the lobby, souvenir shop and tourist information center. However, I suggest buying a post card at one of the souvenir shops you can find along the way. It’d cheaper by half.

Mongolian Grand Theater of National Art

This structure is quiet noticeable as it was painted a dark pink. You can find the touristy Ulaanbaatar signage here. A small square faces the theater facade as well.

Beatles Statue

This one is right across Peace Mall. Obviously, it’s a tribute to one of the most popular acts of all tim – The Beatles. Years ago, the government had planned to demolish the said statue, but given that it is a place where younger Mongolian people congregate, it was not surprise that they protested such plans. Good thing because the iconic landmark still stands to this day.

Other Sights Worth Visiting

Other spots that we were unable to visit were Gandantegchinlen Monastery, Zaisan Memorial and The Museum of the Bogd Khaan. The city has quite a number of museums actually. Some of the more notable are Mongolian Costumes Museum, Mongolian Military Museum and International Intellectual Museum among many others.

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