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Tranquility and Nostaglia Equals Pavillon d’Orient

Tranquility and Nostaglia Equals Pavillon d’Orient

One look at Pavillon d’Orient photos online convinced me that we will have a pleasant and relaxing stay in Siem Reap. And as an agreement to what I have thought, this was what greeted us upon our arrival.

Enchanted. Yes, that was the first word which came into my mind upon entering the hotel’s tranquil premises. Lots of greens. I loved the hotel’s old world charm and earthly tones. And they had two big swimming pools!

We were courteously greeted by the hotel staff. We were briefed on what to expect in our stay and we were also promptly escorted into our room afterwards. 
Our room was more than we expected it to be. We had soft, princess-like beds, complete with the bed canopy. It was lovely! It added a touch of femininity to our room.

I absolutely loved our room. We felt like pampered princesses! 🙂

Complimentary bottled water and fruits

And our very own private veranda overlooking the pool

It was such a delight to see the bathroom as it had a separate shower and bath tub. And it had a built-in clothes wire which we gratefully used after our swim. That was very unique, practical and a first in the many hotels I have stayed in.

hotel restaurant

Swimming here was a true delight!

One great thing about staying at this property is that a complimentary tuktuk shuttle is included in their room rates. It was available from 5 AM to 10 PM. Your driver can also serve as your tour guide. We failed to have a picture with Reach our driver for two days. But we do remember his patience and attentiveness.

The hotel showed us true Cambodian hospitality. They gave us silk scarves and a pin to remind us of what a pleasant stay we had in their hotel. I would not mind being pampered again when I come back to Siem Reap. 

Pavillon D’Orient Hotel
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Phone:  +855 (0) 98 655 738

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