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Under The Sea

Under The Sea

Aug 16, 2014. This was the date that I have scratched off another thing off my bucket list. I was unaware that I would be able to do this very soon! I convinced my college friend, and now my dive buddy, Chie, to take introductory dive classes with me out of the blue. At first I thought we were just making conversation but I realized that we were actually going to jump in once we were on our way to Anilao, Batanggas.

We met our instructor, Jeroen at Bagalangit Dive Resort. We started our class as soon as we have settled in since we were his only students.  He showed us the different scuba gears we will be using and the proper way to take care of each. The classroom session lasted no more than 30 minutes. Soon after we were walking towards the sea. Yes, the sea.

We were expecting a confined dive but we had no choice but to wade in the waters after Jeroen. Heck, I thought. I guessed the difference would not be that big as he made sure we got used to our surroundings first before diving into deeper waters.

The seabed where we first dived was not that colorful compared to ones I have seen online. Nonetheless, the marine life that greeted us were more than enough to make me squeal under! I almost forgot that I had my mask on.

This is the okay sign for scuba divers

Jeroen signaled that we will be going into the deeper parts. After our dive, he said that we went as deep at 12 meters or roughly 39 feet. We swam up to the edge of an undersea cliff. I knew that bottomless seas lay beyond as I could only see dark blue colors around me. Seeing those fishes up close was the most enthralling experience I have in my traveling years. Truly, the underworld is a different universe. Sadly, it is being neglected by many and does not realize its unique role in our ecosystem.

We stopped in one area and watched in complete awe as the school of fishes swam in front of our eyes. They were wearing vibrant colors like yellow and blue which made me almost chase them! Of course I know that I can only appreciate their beauty from a distance.  

After 40 minutes it was time to go up. We were running out of air. It was unbelievable. As I am writing this post, I can still feel the calmness and serenity of being underwater. The silence of the seas came back with me. I can safely say that I have found a second home, a second world under the seas.

I know that from now on I will keep yearning for more dives to be reunited with my brothers and sisters.

After all, I am a mermaid. :))

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