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Up, Up and No way!

Up, Up and No way!
We did not get the chance to see colorful hot air balloons when we visited the first day of the 17th Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clarkfield, Angeles City, Pampanga. Coming from a grueling 6-hr trip froom Bolinao to Clark (Yes, that long!) we arrived (finally) at the site a little past 5 PM. We dropped by at this annual event on the first day of its 4-day affair last Feb. 9.


We were very hungry, had not had a decent meal the whole day (we only had Oreo cookies for breakfast) because we thought we will be there in just three hours.  But then our wanting to see the event did not hamper our spirits so we bought the P 200 entrance ticket.  The seller was actually a bit hesitant to give us tickets because he reminded us that the event will end in about an hour.

Nevertheless, Chie and I went inside and took advantage of the afternoon’s soft, relaxing breeze. We freshened up and toured around. We rested a little while waiting for the early evening’s event and took some fun photos as well.  We could see hordes of visitors from all walks of life: barkadas, couples having a pre-Valentine date, families camping for the night.  It brought a festive aura even though the day is coming to a close.

P 10.00 for unlimited number of shots
Boracay, we meet yet again!
Kuya, I should be the one wearing your over-sized wig…hehe

We roamed around and noticed that army tanks, jeeps and even army jets were stationed throughout the venue. I asked Chie if they were real soldiers because if they are I will not let the opportunity pass to have photos taken with our unsung heroes. Glad they are willing to play with those who come up to them and have their pictures taken. We also had fun with the human statues. No fee for this but you are free to drop any amount into their donation box.




We were a bit disappointed because there were only three hot air balloons dancing in the early evening that night.  I was unable to get a good shot but then we had to do what we have.  Tips for next year, it is best to come in the morning and during the weekend or on the last day of the event.  I bet it will be more festive.


Chie asked me where are the hot air balloons? I said…up, up…and no way! No Hot Balloon on air!  In Filipino: Ako ay may lobo, lumipad sa langit, di ko na nakita, pumutok na pala..sayang lang pera ko, pambili ng lobo, sa pagkain sana, nabusog pa ako….:-D

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    • Hi Anney, thanks for the comment! We also actually saw 3 balloons flew on the first day too (including the green balloon above). It wasn't just what we were expecting. But if was still worth it 🙂

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