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What Inspired Me to Travel?

Mentored by a five-star general of a mom and supported by a QCPD officer (now retired) of a dad, my routine as a child was home-school-home-school, the perpetual vacation at my Aunt Ellen’s home in Bulacan, during weekends, vacation or on the days when school has been cancelled because of a Signal No. 3 thunderstorm, and the weekly Sunday School at a nearby church

This, somehow, hindered my social growth as a child adding to the fact that I was born an introvert. I hated going to the store just a few steps outside of our house. I hated going up to the pretty cashier to ask for extra tissue at Jollibee. And I hated being called in class when I am not really raising up my hand during recitation. I absolutely hated anything that would require me to speak out my name and be noticed.

But then, just like with any child, curiosity dawned on me, albeit a little late. I began seeing the world, particularly the Philippines, in a whole new light. I remember when I was in my pre-teen years, just when other children are beginning to discover the mystery of the opposite sex, I tumbled upon this tape which has Gary Granada’s song Ang Aking Kubo. I immediately fell in love with this song, its lyrics are very vivid and it reminds me of the classic bukid scenery we can find in our countryside. I wanted to see one with the matching working Carabao, cute little Nipa hut and the lovely sunset setting on the mountains from afar.

This song fueled my love for my country at an early age.  When my peers in high school were listening to pop music and the like, I have found myself patiently waiting for Gary Granada’s concert in my school.  Listening to him croon his classics, mostly in Filipin. Then I was in awe.

Ang Aking Kubo

Ang Aking Kubo Sa Tabindagat
dingding Ay Pawid, Bubong Ay Nipa
sa Palibot May Mga Halaman
at Bakod Na Gawang Kawayan
gayak Ng Kubo Ay Kalikasan
ang Kabukiran, Ang Buwan At Bituin
pinapayungan Ng Punongkahoy
iniihipan Ng Sariwang Hangin

sa Aking Kubo’y May Paralumang
sa Aking Puso’y Nakalarawan
at Sa Pagtulog Ay Mayrong Rosas
na Niyayakap Ko’t Hinahagkan
ang Aking Kubo’y Dalampasigang
sa Along Tulad Ko’y Inaasam-Asam
kubong Kailanma’y Di Ko Ipagpapalit
sa Isang Palasyong Walang Pag-Ibig

ganyan Ang Kubo, Ganyan Ang Buhay
minsa’y Tatawa Ka, Minsa’y Malulumbay
may Pagdiriwang, May Kalungkutan
laging Nanunukso (Nangungutya) Ang Kapalaran
may Mga Sandaling Mistulang (Akala Mo’y) Langit
ngunit Paggising Pala’y Panaginip
kaya Kailangang Sa Gabi’t Araw
didiligin Ang Kubo Ng Pag-Ibig

sa Aking Kubo Tuwing Takipsilim
lumang Gitara’y Aking Kapiling
mga Awiting Di Malilimutan
mga Harana At Mga Kundiman
ang Aking Kubong Pangkaraniwan
di Man Kastilyo Ngunit Paraiso
kahit Na Mukhang Bahaybahayan
ang Aking Kubo’y Isang Tahanan

ganyan Ang Kubo…

sa Aking Kubo’y May Paralumang…

Now back to the present, I recently purchased the largest Philippine map I could find and pasted it on my bedroom wall.  Seeing all the places I have been to gives me a giddy feeling and I often ask my bedroom wall, my electric fan and my stuffed-toy cats, ‘Have I really been to this place?’ Taking their stone-faced reactions as a yes, I will find myself staring up at her every time I wake up. The first thing I see in the morning and the last image in my mind before I sleep.
Many things now inspire me to travel. But then I could say this song started it all. Back to the basics, back to my country, back to Philippines. ♥

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