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What’s Up With TheMermaidTravels?

What’s Up With TheMermaidTravels?


September was supposed to be Japan month. I was so looking forward to traveling again since the pandemic. My two-year old passport was aching to be stamped on, to be dirty-ed and used.

Things happened, health-wise. Sad that I was unable to attend a friend’s monumental event too.

And so I had to bid adieu to Japan, and to traveling altogether. For now.

Yes, I did travel locally the past years. I visited Palawan once more and said hello to Boracay for the nth time. I also had a reunion trip with my best travel friends in Zambales. I was glad that my fiance is getting to experience the exhilaration we all feel when traveling.

But my mermaid tail was aching to see other countries. To breathe a different atmosphere and experience another culture.

It’s been months since I last wrote a very personal blog. I missed writing and just jotting down whatever comes to mind.

Life’s been rough. I have been given a re-direction. I am reaping what I was sowing. But right now is not a good harvest. Sadly.

Nevertheless, I am looking forward to a better future, God-willing. I am still grateful for everything that I have.

I will try to write every now and then.

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