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Yes, I Miss You

Yes, I Miss You

Do you remember, the first time we met? You were unfamiliar to me as the planet Mars. But just like the sun, the moon smiled at me warmly. And I felt my heart skipped with excitement thinking of the days I could know you better.

Your smile was the sweetest. Your wind’s soft gust welcomed me with open arms. Oh how I miss being enveloped in your strength! Your home. I might as well could hide into your chest.

I could only stare at you. In awe. In wonder. You are so beautiful. Your rawness and child-like beauty captured my heart. It tried to escape. My mind wanted to. But my heart was telling me another story.

When you move, the Earth, Wind and Fire stop all at once and bask under your glory. You are the prince in my kingdom. And I shall wait to see you again, to feel you again. To see your eyes shine like the ethereal clouds. And witness your charming smile.

Yes. I miss you. 

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