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Your Christmas Bucket List Can Come True with ShopBack

Your Christmas Bucket List Can Come True with ShopBack
In my younger years, I have always taken an interest for girly stuff like dresses, bags and shoes. But since I started traveling, I have taken the road less traveled and traversed the more adventurous path. With traveling comes the need and want to journey with ease. And soon enough I was looking for travel stuff that would help me move with comfort while on the road.
Now Christmas is just a few months away. I have started writing down my wishlist that I am hoping to get this coming holiday season. It is really fun to start window shopping as early as now but I can only do so on my free days. I checked these stuff online and ShopBack has helped me trim down my list. 
Since joining ShopBack’s Win A Wish Blogging Contest, I fervently pray that I win even just one of the items
I listed below.
1. Backpack
My current backpack is already four years old. And since I have traveled far and wide, it now looked more than its age. Thus me, wanting a new one. Something cool yet feminine. Just like the red Climbing Traveling Shoulder Bag Rucksack I found on Lazada.
2. Hiking Shoes
Travel footwear is definitely one of the most used in a wanderer’s life. Mine already developed an ugly hole right by the top. And I am thinking of changing it with Lazada’s JustCreat Women’s Hiking Shoes.
3. Mirrorless Camera

One of my joys as a traveler is being able to capture magnificent photos which I can look back to whenever I miss visiting a place. I am currently lugging a heavy DSLR camera and I am wanting to purchase a much lighter one like Lazada’s Fujifilm X-A2 16.3 MP. Compact but still takes great still shots!
4. Daybag
I prefer carrying smaller bags for shorter travels. I do not have one yet and I am wanting Lazada’s Multifunction Casual Bag Backpack. It is rustic and manly. Perfect for the outdoorsy me! 
5. A Gorgeous Beach Dress
Now of course I am still a girl and when in the beach I make sure I look like one. A flowing, colorful dress I found in Zalora, the La Playa Chiffon Long Dress, definitely fits the bill. 
There are more but these five are the ones hogging the top of my list for ShopBack’s Win A Wish Blogging Contest. If you are not familiar with ShopBack yet, you may read more about ShopBack here.
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