The Astounding Mayon and the Intricate Hoyop-Hoyopan Cave

The Astounding Mayon and the Intricate Hoyop-Hoyopan Cave

After an almost 12-hour butt-numbing bus ride to Legazpi, Albay from Manila, I felt the warm sun rays touching my skin, being occasionally filtered by the bus curtain  I glanced at my mobile phone to check the time and was surprised it was only 5:30 AM. Journeying Pinay is still sound asleep beside me. Envying her almost catatonic state, I tried stealing another hour or so of rest but failed to do so. The impending meet-up with this magnificent creation is dawning on me. And after just a few more stops, she finally peeked beneath the morning clouds, as if saying, ‘Here I am!’

Wow! It was surreal. Even just seeing her from my window seat, the view was absolutely jaw-dropping! I unconsciously glanced at Journeying Pinay and found out she is now awake, joyfully continuing our sharing of teleseryes the night before. But while I was looking at her, I was still stating the word wow over and over again in between our conversations.

Her peak peeked once again. The morning sun served as her halo from behind. Giving her a heavenly appearance only a first-timer like me can truly appreciate. If I had seen my own expression I am pretty sure I would laugh at myself, eyes wide and all.After a few minutes of rest in Legazpi Tourist Inn, the five of us wandered to Hoyop-Hoyopan Cave that mid-morning. It was actually my first time to do a real cave exploration. Mother Nature is indeed truly intelligent!  How intricate and patient a designer she can be.  

Cave Entrance
Cave interiors 
Our tour guide pointed to some of the structures resembling actual things.

A small bat colony is residing inside the cave system. It has been said that this was once underneath the sea. The corals sitting on the cave floor are evidence of this. If our kind tour guide did not specify it, we will miss it. Time has helped it successfully blend with the surroundings.
L-R: Heiz, Marx, Elal, Chino and Me
After enjoying nature’s creations, it was time to head back. I am hoping Hoyop-Hoyopan cave will remain as it is, pretty well-maintained and pristine. Before proceeding to Donsol for our whale-watching adventure the following day, we stopped by at 1st Colonial Grill and had our late lunch.  Of course, a dining visit here will not be complete without tasting the famous Sili (chili) ice cream.

Sili Ice Cream is at the bottom, colored pink.

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