The Tiger Roars

The Tiger Roars
Travelers great and small would surely be awaiting the arrival of Tiger Airways Philippines come July 2013. The advent of affordable air travel in and out of the country has helped in the dramatic increase of air travelers.  Join me in my excitement! Cheers to more budget-friendly vacations. Yahoo!

Flights operated by Tiger Airways Philippines
Here is Tiger Airways’ Press Release:
A new Tiger has arrived – and it brings with
it a promise of a great adventure, memorable experiences, and the excitement of
a new journey.

Known as the leading and most trusted
value-for-money carrier in Southesast Asia, Tiger Airways Philippines will make
its formal debut in the skies beginning July 10. 
“Tiger Airways is the leading airline and
travel partner connecting people across Asia Pacific. It is a distinguished
regional brand that differentiates itself in terms of safety and reliability,”
says newly-appointed president and chief executive officer (CEO) Ms. Olive
Committed to bringing its customers its brand
of friendly, high-quality service,  and
excellent standards of security,  Tiger
Airways Philippines promises to make travel around Asia more enjoyable. 
With the Philippines poised to become Asia’s
next tiger economy, Tiger Airways anticipates more flights connecting the
country to its Asian neighbors – and even beyond, in the coming years. “It’s a
niche we are eager and equipped to serve,” adds Tiger Airways’ chief.
Currently, Tiger Airways flies to Singapore,
Bangkok, Hong Kong from Manila and Clark. Locally, it serves travelers going to
Laoag, Bacolod, Kalibo, Cebu, Iloilo Tacloban and Puerto Princesa. 
Next month, Tiger Airways will add another
feather to its cap when it marks a milestone – the Kalibo and Singapore route,
the first and only airline to offer such route.
“We embrace the simple belief that travel is
about bringing people closer to their dreams and about enabling great experiences,
and memories,” adds Ramos. 
The new Tiger Airways Philippines will offer
great value and seamless experience. Together with the Filipino personnel’s
warm and hospitable traits, the airline will be “the one to beat” in the coming
years, she adds.
The birth of Tiger Airways Philippines brings
along with it the technology and business savvy of Tiger Airways as it offers
travelers greater accessibility to the rest of Southeast Asia. It does not only
commit to high performance standards and innovation, it also confident about
keeping its venture more sustainable for stakeholders. 
Tiger Air embodies a ‘can-do’ and respectful
spirit, according to Ramos. “We will continuously pursue for roaring
excellence. We are going to be the airline of choice!”
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