Move Forward and Never Be Still



I did not do much traveling last year. But with the few travels I had, I realized one thing. That I would travel for as long as I can afford and as far as my pocket and my itchy feet will take me.


Postcard-perfect Boracay Island

The first island I fell in love with. It is not a wonder why Boracay Island has been hailed as the most beautiful. I pray that Filipinos will do their part in keeping it clean and safe. After all, we have a responsibility in taking care of what God has given us. 

Isla Pag-Asa

The lonely but lovely Isla Pag-Asa

My visit here created a deeper and different kind of love for my dear country. People living here are literally in an
isla. Synonymous with far-flung, deserted and isolated. The giant China can never claim what is rightfully ours.

Indochina trip
The latter part of the year allowed me to discover South East Asia which consisted of Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. fell over head over heels in love with MyanmarGot acquainted again with Thailand and discovered the ancient ruins of Cambodia. I just passed through HCMC in Vietnam but I still see saw it as a lovely city.

The beautiful Bagan

2016 dawns and new priorities take place. I have now a few plans to travel local and abroad. I am also praying that I get to achieve my goal of becoming totally free after one year and do something related to what I love doing. I am keeping my fingers crossed!

A Wandering Partner
And yes, I am still praying for a traveling partner and a best friend all rolled into one. Year after year since I met the love of my life over eight years ago, I have been asking the heavens to send me someone I can hold hands with. Someone to watch the stars twinkle at night. Someone I could plan future adventures with. And most of all, someone to respect and just simply love me.

But life does not stop when you do not have a romantic partner. Or when you are not traveling. Happiness is finding contentment in whatever you are doing. And I am happy where I am now. Lost. At times. But always found. 

And now, as I bravely face 2016 full of uncertainties, there is only one thing I am sure of – that I am ready to open my heart again and love anew.  

Me in Bagan 🙂

And you’re right, of course, I will further enrich my traveling life. That deserves a special mention!

Happy New Year everyone!  😀

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