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The Artsy Home of Traveler on Foot

The Artsy Home of Traveler on Foot

I have followed the Traveler on Foot even way before I started blogging. Though the need to explore was already there, reading his musings about Philippine histoary and culture further fueled this one of a kind interest I have for objects of the past. I love old houses, old churches, antique chairs, century-old dressers, musty-smelling books and the like. At such a young age, I knew I was an old soul.

So when Glenn, the man behind this awesome blog, invited me to be a part of Traveler On Foot’s 8th year anniversary celebration at his humble abode in Rizal, I did not hesitate to say yes.

I have never actually explored this province. 
Going to Rizal’ meant the occasional ‘just passing through’. To reach the other parts of my home province Laguna from east Metro Manila. I recall a trekking adventure to Mt.Romelo in Famy way back 2007. We passed by several Rizal towns but San Mateo was not part of it. So I guess a Rizal province exploration will happen soon. 

My feeling upon waking up that Sunday morning 
was unlike any other. It was more of this rushing feeling of excitement and nervousness at the same time. A funny thought I had was that I was going on a blind date. Only this time, I am to meet kindred souls in an intimate gathering of my friend Glenn. 

It was humid and the van in the 
terminal I was directed to will not commence rides to San Mateo until two hours later. For fear of being embarrassingly late for our party, I quickly asked around for an alternative route. I sent Glenn an SMS but I already knew what to do then. He gave me a call just as I was about to call him too. I did not dare take my eyes off the road as I had this weird imagination of getting lost in the mountain towns of Rizal. But for precaution, I did not let anyone know it was actually my first time to step foot in the area.

Upon reaching Glenn’s village, I began feeling a little nervous as I approached 
his house. I did not want to go knocking on the door only to find out it wasn’t his. Haha! I sent him another message to announce I already arrived. Moments later, I heard someone call ‘Paula!’ and I directed my eyes upward. Up there from the rooftop were Glenn and his son Joaquin smiling down at me. I was ushered by Joaquin to
the third floor and there Glenn greeted me with a bedimpled smile and a firm but short hand shake. The awkwardness of new meetings was broken and we immediately felt comfortable with each other. And so my eyes began to roam around his beautiful home. And I was instantly won over.

The party was small and cozy. It was a gathering of five unique individuals. The food was not only sumptuous, it was delicious too! We slowly savored the different dishes on the table over talks of what we were all into: History, Arts & Culture and anything Pinoy.

Rounding up the table: Ivan of Old Manila Walks, Pepe of Filipino EScribbles, Karl of Turista Project, me and Glenn of Traveler on Foot
It was both an honor and pleasure to be with these kindred souls 
I am looking forward to our next activity
Photo by Glenn Martinez 

I secretly uttered my oohs and 
aahs while admiring Glenn’s collection of books. I wanted to borrow some to take home with me but I thought it was best to try doing that the next time we meet. A whole night was not enough for me to savor all things old inside this serene home. At some point I was alone in my musings but then he would appear behind me at times to explain what it was and the history how he got it. You wouldn’t imagine how the wires inside my head were whirring once I knew the history behind. I know I am weird. Or I think I was just born in the wrong era.

Happy birthday Traveler on Foot! 😀
Photo by Glenn Martinez
Standing: Glenn, me and Karl
Seated: Pepe and Joaquin
Photo by Karl Ace 
Me and handsome Joaquin Alfonso 
He is tagged as Little Traveler on Foot by dad Glenn

It was getting late so I need to get home. A 
little reluctant at first, but I said goodbye to Midnight the Cat anyway and to Joaquin and Glenn as well. I need more time to admire all the paintings hanging lovely on his walls. I pray that Glenn will invite me again to his wonderful
home. Inspired by everything, I am determined to create a similar home in Laguna. For this was my dream too. 

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