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A Celebrity for a Night at the Star Lounge

A Celebrity for a Night at the Star Lounge

After spending a whole day frolicking under the sun, we went back to our hotel, the District Boracay Resort. We headed to the Star Lounge to have our dinner after a long afternoon. The lounge is the epitome of a relaxed fine-dining experience.

The Star Lounge is divided into two areas: the indoor restaurant and the roof top bar. My friends and me liked the open area very much as we chose our seats next to the balcony where we people-watched and killed time as we stared our into black sea while waiting for our dinner to be served.

Our four-course dinner was very filling. We had soup, garden salad, main course of our choice and my most favorite, that delicious mango madness dessert and a flavored iced tea for our drinks. 

I truly enjoyed our dinner here as we were well-attended to. Once a meal is done, our dishes where whisked right away and the next meal is served promptly. 
I really liked the garden salad a lot that I can still taste the combination of the tangy sauce till now. For my main course, this was what I had – a hefty, mouth-watering meal for a small girl like me.


Now the highlight of our dinner for me was the dessert served in a tiny cup. Though small it was, it was a sure winner! I would have asked for a second round if only I was not yet feeling full.

After dinner, one of the always-smiling staff introduced us how to use the Shisha.  It was my first time to see and try one. We had the Citrus Gang flavor which is priced at Php 2000 and we were lucky to be one of the firsts to try it.  As explained to us, this will last up to 40 minutes and can be extended if guests would request it.  However, we were advised that 40 minutes is the preferred time as prolonged use can further irritate your breathing. I don’t smoke. But there’s something relaxing in trying out the Shisha that made me want to try it again.

Shisha’s pretty varying colors

The Meduse shisha pipes are exquisitely‐designed shisha pipes that feature a hand‐made Bohemian glass corpus where you can add a variety of fresh fruits and or liquors to enhance the experience. The glass also features colourful LED lights that display a fascinating light show at night.

Breakfast at the Star Lounge
The next morning, my friends and I woke up a little late than what we initially agreed on. After slumbering in our beds, we decided to head out as it was getting late and we only have few hours left to further enjoy our stay at the hotel. 


Down at the indoor area of the Star Lounge, a gracious spread of buffet breakfast awaited the guests. I had a hard time choosing which type of breakfast to eat as all looked appetizing and freshly made, presented in a way that it was so pleasant to look at. The food were served in warm containers while the drinks were constantly chilled. Actually, I can’t remember how many times me and my friends went back for breakfast session number two. Or was it three?

I guess you would not be able to stand up after feasting on this : ))


Even if you are not staying at The District in your Boracay vacation, you can have a sampling of their world class service and amenities by dining out here at the Star Lounge. 
With the kind of experience we had at the Star Lounge, I can say that I definitely felt like a celebrity. Even just for a night. 

Star Lounge

2F-3F, The District Boracay
Station 2, Boracay Island

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