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G-Max Boracay: My Mind Said No But My Heart Said Go

G-Max Boracay:  My Mind Said No But My Heart Said Go

I was not familiar with this thrill-a-minute ride until I saw a glimpse of its towers out from the sea after our island-hopping activity. My friend Marx was the mastermind. I admit, I was curious as how it would feel to be thrown into the skies and hurled down into the earth in a matter of seconds.

We were given the opportunity to try it out and that was a big factor in making this life-changing decision which was as crazy as this stomach-churning ride. It did lift up the mood of a rather lazy night.

Marx, Marcos and me before our epic ride!
Photo grabbed from Marx’s IG

I was a nervous wreck as we hesitantly approached the area. After filling out the waiver, we were whisked to our seats. Being lighter, me and Marx were assigned the outer ones while taller Marcos sat in the middle.

The moment I was strapped in, I did not let go of the handle bars. My heart pumped and thumped wildly in my chest. I think it wanted to jump out of my body. 😀

The waiting time was the most agonizing part of the ride as we were clueless when it would start. Cue? When there is smoke and the lights started dancing, prepare your loudest screams for you will be in one hell of a ride. : )

Photo from G-Max Facebook Page

Not for the faint-hearted! But for the most adventurous souls like me, trying G-max will definitely make your Boracay stay much more exciting! I guess next time I will try it in the morning, that is if my stomach can take it. 😀

G-Max Reverse Bungy Boracay
Station 2, Boracay Island
Sun-Mon | 9:00 am – 10:00 pm

Php 1500 per head
Php 750 G-Max Video (USB bracelet with G-Max logo)


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