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A Day in Dipolog

A Day in Dipolog

We stayed one night in Dipolog City before spending two nights in Dapitan. My long time travel buddy and I originally planned to just head straight to Dapitan because we thought there was nothing to see or do here. 

But my gut told me that a night’s stay is a must. It turned out to be a nice introduction to the province of Zamboanga del Norte. My friend and I stayed at one of the more upscale hotels in the city, D’Hotel and Suites. But no matter how nice our room was, we dragged ourselves out as our main purpose was to see what this third class city and the capital of the province has to offer.

After getting some rest, My friend and I quickly headed to the city center as the sun was already beginning to set. I caught a quick glimpse of the cathedral when I alighted the van earlier and I made a mental note to make it as our first stop.Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Cathedral  At first glance, this church’s facade betrays its actual age. But being built in 1894, this place of worship is actually more than a century-old. Its size is evident in its gargantuan stone walls which I happily discovered when I explored it that afternoon.


I lit a candle and whispered a quick prayer. I greatly appreciated the scene when students were lighting candles to guide their prayers toward the heavens. Still in their school uniforms, it was a rare sight which I quickly devoured in. I can not recall having seen this moment anywhere in Manila.

Plaza Magsaysay

After we paid our respects to our Creator, my friend and I decided it was time for merienda. When she said that we check out the food stall in the park, my mind went on automatic calculating mode since I was seriously running short on funds for this trip. I hoped that there were snacks offered as low as Php 20.

I smiled. I wasn’t wrong. 

After checking out the various stalls, I finally decided in ordering Pancit Canton with Rice. Cooked upfront! My mouth was watering and I wanted to partner it with an ice-cold Coke. But my friend beat me when she treated me with a fruit shake she bought at the other vendor. I can[‘t complain, it was free! 😀

We hang out for a few more minutes and just watched the quiet chaos caused by hungry kids. I felt we were being watched. Well, I think they guessed right we were visitors when they saw me clicking away with my camera. The girl vendor even spoke to us in English! Haha! 

Dipolog City Hall

Dipolog City Hall is adjacent to the Holy Rosary Cathedral. Curious if Dr. Jose Rizal passed by this city during his time. #dipolog #zamboangadelnorte #ponderingpaodaolei #themermaidwanders

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Punta Corro (Santa Cruz Marker)
Now this marker was another landmark I wanted to see for myself. It wasn’t surprising to discover that Boholanos were the first settlers in this part of Mindanao as its location is quite near the Visayas Islands. 

The marker was strategically built at the end of Rizal Ave, facing the seas. This was the spot were they said to have landed and established settlement.

Dipolog Sunset Boulevard
Before going back to the hotel, my friend and I walked along Sunset Blvd and quietly observed the activities around us. A number of merchants setup their wares along the boardwalk. It was where I scored a couple of cheap souvenirs for my family.

The sun was taking its time to rest and as usual, the sunset I witnessed didn’t fail to amaze me. Watching
sunsets make me sad and hopeful and the same time. Sad at the thought of things ending but positive in the idea that another day awaits. Oh, the hopeless romantic in me was once again awakened.

I didn’t regret spending a night in this city. The people were especially nice and it has this certain charm that will have me considering establishing a life in the province.

We were still full from our afternoon food-tripping that we decided against having dinner. We turned in early as we were pretty beat from our travel earlier that day.

Getting Around
The main mode of transportation around the city is by trike. The lowest fare is set at Php 8 per head. Though if you are staying within the heart of Dipolog, all notable landmarks are accessible by foot. 

From the airport, you can take a trike to take you to downtown or you can walk towards the highway and hail a regular bus instead (those coming from Dapitan). It’s cheaper that way.

Where to Stay
My friend and I were blessed to have stayed in the D’Hotel and Suites. Our hotel’s location was perfect as it was just within walking distance from almost everything. Though there are other nice and cheaper hotels in the other parts of the city.

Itinerary and Expenses
Click here to check out how much I spent for this trip.

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