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A Different Side of Negros Occidental

A Different Side of Negros Occidental

My Bacolod City trip last Halloween season was hastily planned. A good friend invited me to come over so when a promo rate became available, I booked right away. Though not really a part of my 2019 travels, I am glad I pursued with it.

My first trip to the City of Smiles was so long ago, back in 2007, that I can no longer remember it as sharply as before. But what made me remember that trip was when we met a new friend on board that big white ship. It was also the trip of many firsts for me. I knew one day I’d visit Bacolod City once more.

I did not plan any itinerary. I didn’t even think of booking a hotel room. What was I thinking? I don’t know. Good thing that my friend Aph was with me all the time and made me feel like it was my first time there. Thanks Aph!

I stayed in Hometown Hotel for three nights. It was my first vacation in a long time where I truly felt relaxed. No alarm. No plans at all. Just the type of get-up-when-you-want-to type of vacation. I should do that more often!

DSB Marker & Pine Forest in Don Salvador Benedicto (DSB)

It was the first time I have heard of the town of Don Salvador Benedicto. Just an hour’s drive from Bacolod City, I liked DSB immediately once we started driving through the mountains. The greens all around me were a sight to behold. I remembered my bike Flint Sky. As we ply through its almost empty road, I thought that it was the perfect place to bike in Negros.

With the help of my friend Aph and her love Alex, I was able to visit some new sites outside the city namely Rapha Valley and Pine Forest in Don Salvador Benedicto. I also explored the downtown by myself. The areas near the church and along Araneta Avenue. I also went back where I first tasted Chicken Bacolod!

Bacolod City Downtown

The city has changed so much! I recall Ken (a new friend. Hi!) asking what I can say about the city. I told him that it definitely changed for the better. And that I liked it there so much that I was imagining myself retiring there. Haha.

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Of course, my visit to the City of Smiles won’t be complete without going back to Manokan Country baby! hahaha. Yes, I will call you baby. Can I? Lol. Charot. Okay back to Bacolod.

I had a late lunch at around 2 PM. But at this hour, there were still a lot of people coming and going. And why not? The food is good and price is budget-friendly. The paying public love it here.

Rapha Valley

Rapha Valley is heaven on earth. The word Rapha is Biblical in origin and it means healing. It is said that we heal through the food we eat. Those leaning towards clean eating and keeping an eye on their overall wellness will adore this place.

Rapha Valley’s menu sticks to organic and wholesome raw food. We were served the Organic Flower Salad which was unlike any salad I’ve eaten before! We also tried Raphansit. For the rest of what they offer, click here.

Rapha Valley also has accommodations. I am seeing it as a perfect destination wedding venue. <3

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Organic flower salad. @raphavalley #themermaidtravels #NegrosOccidental

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This trip is the most relaxed one I’ve had in a long while. I will definitely come back and maybe go to Bago City. 😛

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