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How to Get to the Great Wall of China (Badaling) via DIY Style

How to Get to the Great Wall of China (Badaling) via DIY Style

Prior to our departure for Manila, my friend and I spent our last day in Beijing communing with one of the most iconic man made landmarks on earth – the Great Wall of China.

As our flight schedules were erratic, I thought it best to go to the Great Wall DIY style. I knew that it would be cheaper and it’s always fun to discover things yourself.

At first, I was targeting to go to the Great Wall via Mutianyu. But after doing a little research, I decided to visit the Great Wall via Badaling. It was easier to do as we can access this side of the Wall via public commute easily.

Alight at Jishuitan Subway Station, Exit A.

Our hotel was located near the airport. We chose this location since are arrival time was at an off peak hour (1 AM) and the metro is already closed at this hour. We took a taxi to terminal 2 where the airport subway station is located. From there, here’s our route.

Terminal 2 Subway Station – Dongzhimen Stn – Jishuitan Stn (line 2) Exit A. From here, we walked towards Dengshemen Arrow Tower which you can find in Google Maps. Tip: Once at the top of the stairs at Jishuitan Stn exit, turn left. You will also find signages along the way.

Look for signs along the way. Remember that you need to get to Bus No. 877. The sign are very hard to miss.

The Dengshemen Arrow Tower is located at the other side of the road. You have to cross the street. Once you see the lined up green buses, then you’ve finally arrived. The long queue is the indicator!

Bus no. 877 has the below schedule. Remember that the ride to the great wall takes about an hour to 1 1/2 per way depending on traffic so better leave earlier. Queue up and just pay CNY 12 per way. You can pay with your top-up card or by cash.

Bus No. 877
Beijing to Badaling Great Wall: 6 AM to 12 NN
Badaling Great Wall to Beijing: 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Fare: 12 CNY per way

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