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A Surpise Malaysia Visit

A Surpise Malaysia Visit
Our plan was to visit Burma for at least a week. However, that week ballooned into a full two weeks including other Southeast Asian cities. We were set to leave for Yangon from Kuala Lumpur on Sept 19.

Chie she tasked herself in searching for places we could pay a visit. Preferably only within an hour from where we will be staying in.

A few months before our departure, our airline informed us that our flight leaving for Kl from Manila was moved to September 18 from the 17th. I recalled the time when I regret we will be missing Myanmar by a day. It was a blessing in disguise after all.

Our plane departed Manila at 2:10 PM and we arrived at KLIA2 at 5:50 PM.  Due to time constraints, we decided it was best to just stay in KLIA2. My friend opted not to book a room while I indulged in the confines of Capsule container hotel. I know I needed a few hours of shut-eye time, a soft bed and a nice shower since we will be roaming the busy streets of Yangon the following day.

Before we went our separate ways, we treated ourselves to a dinner at the airport. Nothing fancy, just the familiar rice and viand dish we had a few years back.

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