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Burma: An Untouched Gem

Burma:  An Untouched Gem
Myanmar, the Golden Kingdom. Previously called Burma, this country is so pure from every aspect that one can not stop his curiosity in discovering its hidden beauty. Closed off from the rest of the world for decades, Myanmar has just recently welcomed visitors from all over the world. Like a newly-blossomed flower, its beauty is innate as it is raw, as fresh at it is historic, as promising as it is fulfilled.

I have stopped at three major
Myanmar tourist destinations. A full day in Yangon. Two nights in Bagan and a night in Mandalay. Too short I confess. But it was more than enough to give my heart to this mystical country.


Downtown Yangon complete with the old bus and buildings


Shwe San Daw Pagoda


Kuthodaw Pagoda

I so want to give Burma a second look. And a longer visit at that. I would like to visit the other less touristy towns and really mingle with its people. Wear longyi like the locals. Admire more pagodas. To explore unknown paths. Learn Burmese. Eat traditional food.

I just want to go back. Period.

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