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A Surprise Lunch at Coco Veranda Bar & Restaurant

A Surprise Lunch at Coco Veranda Bar & Restaurant

After I checked-in at my lodging, I rested for a while, freshened up and mentally scheduled my activities in my first day in Roxas City. It was past one in the afternoon and my stomach is already protesting since my last decent meal was seven in the morning. My mobile phone was just half charged when I hurriedly left my hotel. I proceeded to Baybay or People’s Park where I had my first glance of Capiz seas.

Before leaving, I asked the front desk and Ms. Edna of
Roxas President’s Inn recommended Coco Veranda Restaurant for my first lunch affair with the seafood capital of the Philippines. I was glad I took her advise for I was in for a delicious surprise.

It was past two when I settled in the restaurant. There were not much diners as it was a sleepy time of the day. I looked around and was assisted by Edmar. He enumerated the dishes they will serve. I am alone and I was thinking of just eating a small meal consisting of one rice with their bestseller viand and perhaps a decent dessert if they do offer it.

However, I was graciously given a full set of dishes which all appeared mouth-watering. I was glad I was hungry because whether you believe it or not, I was able to eat the entire set. Well, almost anyway. 🙂

Pantat (catfish)

I appreciated that the restaurant has direct access to the shore and the sides are open. The cool air from the beach quickly dissipates any humid weather gathering in the area. I chose to stay closer to the fence so I could gaze at the gentle waves and watch the little children as they ran back and forth in silence. 
I took my time eating and spent an hour in the restaurant. And when I was sure I could walk upright again and gave my thanks to the staff. I was so full that I no longer had dinner that night.

Coco Veranda Bar & Restaurant
Bay Bay, Roxas City, Capiz

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