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Auto-Conscience: How it Helps

Auto-Conscience: How it Helps

Back in October 2017, a newly launched app called AutoConscience emerged in the market. Just what is this app? The first time I encountered it, I did not have any idea what it was so I went ahead and checked it out. But with the name itself, I quickly guessed it had something to do with driving. 

And I was right. AutoConscience was launched with the thought of praising good drivers while reminding others of what they can still improve on. Here in the Philippines, bad traffic is often blamed on unruly or what others perceive as bad drivers. But perhaps these drivers just got used to their existing way of driving with the concept of what they were doing are correct and acceptable. This app helps in monitoring unacceptable road behaviors. Thereby resulting to disciplining our drivers while on the road.

But while we are mostly focused on reporting erratic vehicle captains, reporting good drivers are mostly unheard of. I’ve tried this myself and reported a good driver in a recent trip to the mall. What’s more awesome is that there was what I can call inspirational quotes after reporting just like the one below. 

With the worsening traffic conditions in the country, monitoring both the good and the bad promotes fairness and I think this app can have a positive impact on every individual manning the roads. It can also help prevent violent road confrontations by simply reporting bad drivers through the proper venue. 

To register, all you have to do is create your own account. You may also link your license plate so other drivers can send their thoughts of you.

To know more about AutoConscience, your may visit their website at conscience.ac. It can also be downloaded free in Google Play.

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