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Traveling Made Easier with Flytpack

Traveling Made Easier with Flytpack

One of my initial worries when I recently traveled to South Korea was how will I stay connected given that I will be gone for ten long days. As someone whose activities revolve mostly around social media and the internet, establishing a good online connection was a must so I could continue writing on the side and more importantly update my loved ones of my whereabouts. It was also vital for me to have a fast and reliable mobile connection while on the road, specially if it entails wandering into a new destination and a big city like Seoul. It was true that exploring this city for a first time visitor like me was quite intimidating at first as I imagined getting lost in its big, crazy maze. But good thing that I had my Flytpack Travel Wi-Fi to keep me in touch with the wired world. It proved to be a reliable travel gear as it was exactly what I expected.

Fast and secure Internet connection
– It was true that Seoul is the world’s most connected city as free Wi-FI was available in most of their public places. Since Seoul’s subway system was mostly built underground, there were times that connection was choppy specially when I was in a moving train. My Flytpack Travel Wi-Fi was a big help in navigating the chaotic scene of Seoul’s train rides. Internet connection was fast even if I was underground. I can not recall a time that I had to wait long for me to get connected. It was very convenient specially when I need to check if I was on the correct platform towards my destination.

Extra Powerbank – Since I was connected almost throughout the day, I already expected my power bank to be drained to the max. There were times that I have gone exploring from the first hours of the morning till late at night (almost dawn!). My travel router did not only serve as a handy Wi-Fi gear, it also served as an extra source of energy. If I did not need to be online, I simply just have to turn off the device to use for later. It proved to be a lifesaver!

Connected Multiple Devices – I traveled with a friend when I visited Seoul. And of course, as excited first timers, we had multiple gadgets with us to document our wanderings. My friend, at one time, forgot her rented Wi-Fi back in our accommodation. She asked if she could connect to the internet using my Flytpack Travel Wi-Fi. At first, I was hesitant as I thought it could significantly slow down my access. But when we tried it, the speed didn’t change at all even if it was connected to multiple devices.

Definitely Handy – Carrying this travel gear wasn’t an issue as it was very light and compact. It’s way smaller than my phone and can fit it every pocket I place it in. It’s very handy! No issues on that part really. 

Unlimited Connection – The reason I had this device was because I needed to stay connected 24/7. So even though our accommodation in Korea were offering free Wi-Fi, I still connected online using my rented device as its connection was not intermittent. It was consistent and reliable. 

Annhaeyohasaeyo! I didn’t have any idea what to expect about Korean weather. But with the help of @flytpack, I was able to research what the weather here in Seoul will be today. Having constant connection to the internet keeps me updated on the changing temperature. You may try this on your next trip by booking through www.flytpack.com and get discounts by using my promo code FPPaula. #flytpack #flytpacktravels #themermaidtravels #autumn

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Renting this wonderful device has never been easier as everything is done online through their website at www.flytpack.com. Click the Book Now button after selecting your country of destination, travel dates and number of devices.

The next page will give you a summary of the services you will purchase. Make sure to double check each entry. Kindly note that the device will only work in the place of your destination. For example, if you chose Sept 13 as your departure date, but you will land in Korea on Sept 14, the connection will work effective Sept 14. This page also gives you a summary of your transaction.

The following step then asks you your device pick-up and return method. In my case, I picked up my rented router at their office since I was in the area at the time then had it delivered back via courier when I returned in the country.  I was glad that I was not limited to just dropping it off in a certain location e.g. in a specific airport terminal or office. You can choose between pick-up and courier delivery.

The last part will then ask for your travel details such as Payee Name, Passport Number and Bank Details. You can choose to pay via bank transfer or by credit/debit card.

When I got my device, I thought that I would need to pretend to be a tech-savvy person as I figure out how to make the device work. However, Flytpack is all ready for the on the go user. Upon arrival in Seoul, all I had to do was turn on the Wi-Fi connection in my mobile phone and enter the ID and password which can be found at the back of the router. I did not change any settings on my phone or entered any configuration to get started. 

Here in Busan, the sights are few and far from each other. Consulting online maps or apps is a must when on the road. My @flytpack travel wifi proved to be truly handy as it helped me navigate big cities with ease. It is very easy to use and has a long battery life. It can fit in my pocket and bag as it is small and lightweight! Having this is now I must in future trips. You can check this cool travel gear by booking yours on www.flytpack.com. Use my promo code FPPaula to get discounts. 🙂 #flytpack #flytpacktravels #themermaidtravels #busan

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Flytpack Travel Wi-Fi helped me immensely in planning my daily activities in Seoul. From verifying correct subway stations, to choosing which spots to visit first, to checking out the weather, having this awesome travel gear is a must for the time-conscious traveler. With constant mobile connection, there’s really no reason not to enjoy your trip fully. I will definitely have to rent one again in my next travel abroad. 🙂

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