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Baguio Trip 2020: My Last Before Lockdown Hit

Baguio Trip 2020: My Last Before Lockdown Hit

My friend Chie and I spent several days up in the summer capital of the Philippines early in February last year. We were having a grand time as that trip was very spontaneous. Talk about meeting one night then going to Cubao the following morning. We were laughing so hard on our way to the bus station because we were back to our 2012 crazy traveling selves. 🙂

I remember that COVID-19 was just starting to spread and we have a number of cases back in Manila then. We were not too worried because of the cold weather. We biked near Burnharm Park then went back several times to Arca’s Backyard restaurant since we loved their cooking. We stayed until late because we didn’t really want to much spend time with the ghosts in Teacher’s Camp. LOL. We were such in a rush (on a budget) that booking an actual hotel was out of the picture.

We also visited the famed BenCab museum (a bit late for me) and hang out at Camp John Hay. We sipped hot choco in Choco-late de Batirol and felt myself getting plumper by the day. We also discovered House of Yogurt. Oh men, I miss their yogurt (what else?!). Baguio indeed is a foodie’s haven. Of course, we would not miss the classic Tam-awan Village and Strawberry Farm in Benguet.

How I wish we could go back to our pre-lockdown days. No masks. No quarantine periods and travel passes. I miss the times when we could just travel on a whim without fear. I am so glad that I got to go to Baguio last year because at least I have 2020 travel representation. LOL.

How about you? What do you miss during the pre-pandemic days?

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