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Beijing’s Forbidden City

Beijing’s Forbidden City

If there was one word I would describe the Forbidden City in Beijing it would be sprawling. The place is so huge that massive is an understatement. I was imagining ancient warriors trying to break in (if it appears the same then). The grounds are just enormous they will eventually tire from running. I can not even remember how many entrances there were. I guess we got overwhelmed by the size of this place that we just opted to admire the scenes in the inner plaza. Staring at the many Chinese wandering here and there were more already an amusement to us.

Foreign tourists entering the city will require to show their passports just like we did. For Chinese, I think it’s their national ID they were presenting at the gates. The foot traffic is so heavy that coming in here alone is already an experience in itself.

The City is so big that when I see another entrance I thought hey at least I got to see it in person. The Forbidden City is located in the Dongcheng District in Beijing and is the largest palace in the world still existing. See?! I am correct. It is the largest! Wow.

Today, the Forbidden City houses the Palace Museum. It is also the former residence of China’s Emperor. It served as China’s ceremonial and political center for 500 years.

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