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Ulaanbatar’s Choijin Lama Temple Museum

Ulaanbatar’s Choijin Lama Temple Museum

The Chojin Lama Temple Museum was one of the attractions I visited in downtown Ulaanbatar. The area where this ancient monument stands is already surrounded by modern structures. But the temple itself is much well-preserved, ready to be admired by residents and foreign visitors alike. Its location is smacked right in the middle of the capital, just across Sukhbaatar Square.

The Chojin Lama Temple Museum was originally a Buddhist complex. But Buddhism in Mongolia was suppressed during the rise of Communism. The museum is a great repository of Buddhism artifacts which show re-emergence of Buddhism in Mongolia.

Construction of the monastery started in 1904 and was completed four years later. Freedom of religion rose again in Mongolia in 1990 but the temple was no longer used as an active place of worship.

Entrance Fee: T 8000 (t 50,000 for professional videography/photography) | Open year round with reduced hours during winter months

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