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Batanes: Beyond Words

Batanes: Beyond Words
For two hours I did not nothing but tumbled and rolled in my bed, trying very hard to sleep. This was what I did the night before my flight to Batanes. Or shall I say, several hours before my flight. I kept worrying that my alarm clock would not wake me up in time. Missing my 6 AM flight would be the most tragic event of 2014, if that actually happened. Hungry and sleep-deprived, I stood up at 3 AM and decided that sleep had to wait for another 18 hours.

Three hours and an empty stomach later, I hear the airport PA system buzzing to life. Our flight was delayed for thirty minutes. Heck! I could no longer wait! I stood in the corner and watched as other people passed by me as they rushed to their destinations. I wondered then how many of them were feeling what I was feeling. I felt that I was being set up for a blind date. Only this time, I knew and did not know at the same time what awaited me.

Of all the places in the Philippines, Batanes has been the most elusive gem for me. I had the money. I can splurge. I can book that 16k RT ticket if I really wanted to. I saw my friends flock to this island paradise the last couple of years. But somehow, something quietly told me that I needed to wait. It was not yet the right time. For one day I know that Batanes will tell me when is the perfect moment to be united with her.

It was a dream come true. Never had I felt so inspired about a place as I did about Batanes. I have fallen in love. Truly. Madly. Deeply. Yes, I am irrevocably in love with Batanes.

When I was up there, I did nothing but inhale her fresh air while smiling giddily. I felt I was in a romantic movie but with no leading man in the set. For the longest time, I was content on being alone. Of course, I’d be silly if I will not admit I did not imagine exploring Batanes while holding someone else’s hands. But that’s another story.  😉

You see, I am a very child-like lady. I love love stories and happy-endings. I love looking out to the sea. I think that is why I love lighthouses. And Batanes’ farolas are just the kind you would see in fairy tale books. They are lonely. They are playful. And most of all, they are very romantic. 

I get misty-eyed when I stare up at the stars. Stars are precious jewels for me for they hold secrets of the past only they know. Sometimes I look up at them and ask questions. Sometimes too, I ask them to watch over someone as that person travels here and there – knowing that happiness is within reach.

Batanes is perfect in every sense of the word. Let me share to you the first poem I wrote for Batanes. I was able to compose this while I was staring out at sea when I went there.
The crashing waves melted my heart
It suddenly made me wish we are never apart
The howling winds seemed to whisper in my ear
Do not worry nor fret
For I am always near
Dec.1, 2014
Island, Batanes

Such strongs words. But these words are incapable of describing the feeling when I began seeing her innate beauty. A photographer’s dream, a traveler’s escape, a child’s playground. Call it anyway you like but Batanes is my kingdom. The very place where you can feel His love anywhere you look. Be kissed by wind’s soft kiss. Listen to the silent whisper of the clear skies. Be lulled to sleep by the crashing waves at night.  
Theroaring waves roll so slow
Thewaters from the chasms swiftly flow
You aremagnanimous in every sense of the word
You havecaptured my heart in an encapsulating spell
 Basco, Batanes 

Batanes is truly and amazingly beyond words.

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