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Batanes: North Batan Tour

Batanes:  North Batan Tour

Batanes had long been a dream for me. And just last month, I was able to realize those dreams. I would no longer bore you with my endless string of words.  Let the photos do the talking.

Of course I would not pass up this iconic landmark!

Valugan Boulder Beach

It’s perfect for a pre-historic movie. Say, set in the times of T-Rex?  This boulder-filled, always-angry beach was formed during the eruption of Mt. Iraya, Batanes’ highest peak, in 400 AD.

Basco Lighthouse
I don’t know why, but lighthouses remind me of love stories set in the medieval times. I’m sure if I were an object in my next life, I’d choose to be a lighthouse. 
Vayang Rolling Hills

The lands in this heavenly place are privately owned but they opened it to the public and are now being shared with excited visitors.

Mt. Carmel Chapel| Tukon Church

The place where I want to get married. Anywhere I look I see nothing but water. A perfect venue for a mermaid like me. The place is owned by Abads, and now helms a hotel and a restaurant. Notice its exterior? It was modeled after the traditional Ivatan house.

Dipnaysupuan Japanese Tunnel

The invading Japanese used this area as their headquarters during WWII.
Basco Church

Also known as Santo Domingo Cathedral, this church survived many disasters, the most recent was the earthquake of 2000.  It was reconstructed in 2011 back to its original form.

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