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Batanes: South Batan Tour

So Batanes had mesmerized me for days after my week-long travel. South Batan had been a total eye-candy. Actually, anywhere I look in Batanes, I could not utter any other words except wow.

And so go ahead and get wowed.

Mahatao Shelter Port
I will climb up those stairs in my next visit.
Racuh A Payaman | Marlboro Hills
My most favorite place.  I did nothing here but run, shout and jump for sheer joy. This defines Batanes for me.
Honesty Coffee Shop
I remember a friend telling me, “We should bring dishonest people here in Batanes.”
Ivana Church
Solemnity. Solace. Silence.
House of Dakay


Spanish Bridge
And this bridge is built to last a lifetime for it is still being used!
Mahatao Church
Do not forget to write your love letter in that awesome blank library.
The Old US Naval Base

Alapad Pass and Rock Formation

Tayid Lighthouse

Blue Lagoon


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