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BGC Hostel Makati

BGC Hostel Makati

It was Miss Universe weekend and I was so pumped up that I needed to get out of the house before the big day last Monday. My friends and I had this tradition of meeting at least once a month for our usual get-together. This time, we were able to secure a one-night staycation at the hip BGC Makati Hostel. There was supposed to be four of us but I ended up only with Jherson as the other two were not feeling well. The hostel is near the fast-rising BGC business district, just within walking distance from EDSA through Dinalag St. If commuting, its location may seem hard to find at first but is actually advantageous for those seeking a good place to relax within the city.

The hostel’s facade

The interiors of BGC Hostel Makati is as colorful as these letters. 🙂 #bgchostelmakati #bgchostel #ponderingpaodaolei #themermaidwanders

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My friend Jherson and I stayed in a room with four bunk beds. Bathroom is shared where the toilet is separated from the shower room. But that was just fine as each cubicle was neat and spacious enough. Linens were provided free of charge like towels and tissue. But you have to bring your own toiletries (i.e. soap, shampoo, toothpaste) as this wasn’t included in the room rate. Lockers were also available to use free of charge for each guest. The lockers were secured by a digital rotating lock.

Our private sanctuary for the next 24 hours. 😄 #ponderingpaodaolei #themermaidwanders #bgchostel #bgchostelmakati

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Our dorm room did not have any windows, and the super cool air coming from the air-conditioner felt like 10 degrees! Nonetheless, I had a good sleep, we just requested for the temperature to be adjusted.

The reception will greet you upon entering the hostel premises. It has a common area, a pantry where you can have coffee and fix basic meals. The hostel ‘living room’ was filled with garden chairs and couches. There was also a lone computer. Just inform the staff if you will use it. 

While I thought there was no Wi-Fi, we were promptly given passwords when we mentioned it to the nice lady in charge. The connection was pretty decent so we didn’t have a hard time going online to read our e-mails.

At night, when all lights were turned on, the interiors come alive, very homey and softly lit. The strong colors of some accents were a perfect contrast to the wall’s black and white graffiti.

There was a food house beside the hostel which opens at 10 AM and a nearby carinderia which operates from 7 AM. For other basic needs, 7-11 and Mercury Drug is also within the vicinity.

Since Miss Universe started at 8 AM the following day, I was out of the hostel at half past five. I woke up the still sleepy Jherson (sorry friend!). He was very kind to see me off safely in a bus. 

When I was alone in the room! Haha! #bgchostelmakati #bgchostel #ponderingpaodaolei #themermaidwanders

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How To Get Here
* By public commute, taking the MRT or bus are the best options. Alight at Estrella St. and walk towards Dinalag St.  The hostel is just within a few meters from the highway. you will see the big and colorful BGC sign at the top of the building.

* Buendia MRT Station is the closest station to the hostel. Since I came from the south (and provincial buses aren’t allowed to let off passengers everywhere), I alighted here and I took a bus towards Dinalag St. I tried walking but there was a segment along EDSA where there was no sidewalk at all! Dear me, I still want to live. I took an ordinary bus for P 10 and asked to be dropped off at Estrella, then I just walked towards Dinalag St. Next time, I will ask the bus to drop me off at Estrella so I won’t have to take another bus. Pardon me, it was my first time in the area.

* Taking a cab would be the easiest wherever you will be coming from. Take Grab or Uber for they utilize maps. No reason for the driver to get lost.

BGC Hostel Makati

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