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My First Time in Hong Kong and Macau

My First Time in Hong Kong and Macau
Hong Kong has always been one of the most popular tourist attractions for Southeast Asians. It was my first out of the country destination as a novice traveler. I have been to Hong Kong three times in the past in a span of one and a half years. It was so addicting that I traveled to this Asian megalopolis with different sets of people. The first time was with my family, the second one with my photographer friends and the last with my workmates.

We have visited the most popular Hong Kong tourist spots while we also dropped by at some quieter sites.

Victoria Harbour Lights Show
Cable Cars at the Ocean Park

Riding a cable car was one of my childhood dreams. It was realized when my friends and I rode the one in Ocean Park. I remember finally overcoming my nervousness when I looked out into the sea. That ride was just right. It wasn’t too bumpy nor super exciting.

Our Disneyland visit made our Hong Kong trip complete. I think half the time I was just taking pictures. I was and still am a Disney girl. And stepping into Disneyland was like waking inside my dream as a Disney Princess. I just can’t remember seeing Ariel the Mermaid though.

Welcome to Hong Kong Disneyland!
I couldn’t help not taking a pose with these cuties 
We also dropped by Chi Lin Nunnery during its opening time. Our decision was right because we had the place to ourselves for an hour or so.

The serene Chi Lin Nunnery

Since Macau was 
just a two-hour ferry ride away, we decided to take a day off our Hong Kong wanderings and set a day admiring casinos and did hotel-hopping at this former Portuguese colony. Surely, I was not disappointed since I love old world architectureAnd Macau wasn’t short in this department.

I feel very rich! 🙂

Getting around Macau was relatively easy. Upon embarking from the port, free bus shuttles can take you from the respective casinos you would want to visit. I suggest taking advantage of these as it wasn’t only comfortable, it was also free! It was a great perk for budget travelers like me.

Macau may be more known because of its various opulent casinos, but if you’re visiting for the first time and this is not your thing, there are also a number of historical sites to choose from. We visited St. Paul Ruins, A-Ma Temple, St. Dominic’s Church and Senado Square to name a few.

St. Dominic’s Church
The imposing Macau Tower

My most favorite place in Macau was the Grand Canal inside the Venetian Macau. Visiting Vienna, Austria is in my bucket list but this had to do as Europe was still a faraway dream. Catching a gondola ride is a must too!


My first time in Hong Kong and Macau were filled with great memories for a first time traveler. It opened my eyes and made me realize that there was a big world for us to explore. I guess it’s time get back then!

Love this fish eye view of one of the cobbled-stone streets in Macau.

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